2 Ct Silicone Baking Mat Cooking Sheets Non-stick Fat-reducing 16" x 11.5"

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  • Material -- 100% food grade pure silicone (no plastic fillers). BPA free, non-toxic . Tmperature tolerance:-40℃ to 230℃(-40℉ to 446℉)
  • Measurement -- 16" x 11.5". Fits easily inside oven sheets or can be cut to a specific size.
  • PYRAMID DESIGN - It keeps the food elevated to allow the hot air to pass underneath. This allows the bottom to cook but not burn as normally happens with flat pans. It helps remove the grease and allows for foods to be crispier.
  • EASY TO CLEAN -- use a toothbrush to get in the valleys.It makes cleanning pretty easy that way.Worse case if is a bit caked on, soak it in hot water and Oxy clean for a few minutes and everything fall right off.
  • Do not put it directly on fire.

  • Package including:
    2 x baking mats

    It's like grilling in your oven! Fat and grease drip away,leaving delicious,flavorfulfood for your family.This innovative raised pyramid design is not only for smart and healthy cooking, it can also be used as a trivet, drying rack, and upside down for evenly cooked bread,cookies, and pastries. And once you have cooked with this mat, you will want everything in your kitchen to be as durable and easy to clean. Offers Safe Long Lasting Use in Oven, Microwave,Dishwasher, and Freezer. A simply must have for any kitchen.

    In order to save space,the two baking mats come overlapped. One mat is embedded into the other.Buyers always think they get one only by mistake.Please take note to tear them away.