Luck Sea Jar Openers Rubber Non Slip Bottle Lid Grip Multi Opener Pad Twist Gripper

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EASY TO USE: Enables you to open any jar, can or bottle by exerting minimal effort and putting No extra stress on your fragile hand joint and ligaments. Solid and reliable design makes this Multi-function kitchen aide easy to hold and handle.
NO MORE HAND ACHE: in this versatile kitchen gadgets let you open easily. Pickle jars Baby food Sauce jars water bottles jams & jelly's soda bottles chip bags and condiments. One of the most. User friendly & efficient kitchen gadgets on the market.
PRACTICAL AND HASSLE FREE EVERYDAY USE TOOL: easy enough for children to use Easily twist. Off screw caps with a simple twist. Clamp down on food seals to instantly remove Pull tabs.
EASILY STORED IN KITCHEN DRAWERS: Suitable for all ages. Open several different jar sizes with less - effort than any other openers.